Registered Naturopathic Practitioner | Clinical Nutritionist | Medical Herbalist | Health Coach.

Roigard Naturopathic takes a scientific and holistic approach to integrative medicine. We work with clients suffering from a range of conditions from low energy and frequent illness to chronic/autoimmune conditions, dietary support for mental health, digestive issues and supporting cancer treatment.

Christchurch naturopath


Christchurch naturopath
Australasian Integrative Medical Association
Christchurch Naturopath
Registered Naturopath
Christchurch naturopath

Southern Cross recognises all Registered Practitioner Members of the Clinical Nutrition Association to be credible nutritionists and to have the eligible criteria for Southern Cross members to claim a nutrition consultation.

Registered Naturopath

Naturopathy is an evidence-based medical discipline . Instead of focusing on specific diseases, a registered naturopath focuses on the whole person, considering the physical, emotional, environmental and energetic/spiritual aspects of wellness.

Clinical Nutritionist

Clinical Nutrition deals with the prevention, diagnosis and management of nutritional and metabolic changes related to acute and chronic disease and conditions caused by a lack or excess of energy and nutrients

Health Coach

Health & wellness coaching encompasses the sciences of positive psychology, behaviour change, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle medicine with the art of relationships, teamwork and community.

Why Stephen Roigard?

Christchurch Naturopath Stephen Roigard is an integrative medical professional with more than 25 years experience using holistic techniques to help clients acheive their health and wellness goals. Naturopathy is not just about overcoming illness. The right naturopath can help you find your way toward optimal health. If you have persistent health problems or areas of your life you are unhappy with, an experienced and qualified naturopath can help you discover solutions that conventional medicine overlooks


Stephen is exactly what a true physician should be. Knowledgeable, practical and focused on helping you achieve long-lasting and life-changing outcomes, not symptom management.

I battled a chronic health condition having countless examinations and tests without any clear diagnosis until my appointment with Stephen. He has provided me with the root cause of my health problem and has given me a detailed protocol to follow. Stephen has been absolutely amazing to deal with. I truly feel like he has a genuine care for his patients. After my first appointment I knew he was the medical professional I wanted to work with for the rest of my health journey.