Isn’t it time to choose a healthcare professional who actually listens and treats you as a whole person?

Stephen is highly professional and passionate about what he does. He provided me with up-to-date and scientifically backed protocols to address my health concerns where all other specialists told me I just “had to live with it”. I was so inspired by the depth of his research and knowledge base.

Stephen Roigard – Naturopath

Registered as a Naturopathic PractitionerClinical Nutritionist and Health Coach in New Zealand, Stephen Roigard has over 25 years experience working in the health and fitness industry. Stephen is also a qualified Medical herbalist, personal trainer and massage therapist, yoga, dance and martial arts instructor. His passion is to inspire others to take control of their health and lifestyle. Using functional medicine, health coaching and naturopathy, Stephen has helped numerous people overcome or improve various illnesses and diseases that conventional medicine often considers to be lifelong or untreatable conditions.

Degree in Naturopathy

Diploma in Clinical Nutrition

Diploma in Herbal Medicine

Certificate in Health Coaching

Certificate in Personal Training

Recent case studies & results

Supporting Cancer Treatment

In 2014 a 64-year-old male came to see me with stage IV melanoma. He was being offered his 9th variation of chemotherapy, had multiple surgeries and his recent diagnosis gave him 3 months to live. He was told there was nothing he could do in the way of nutrition or lifestyle to improve his chances and “all that stuff” is “quackery”. He stopped all medical treatment after seeing me (a decision he made for himself) and after just a few months of adjusting his diet/lifestyle, he claimed he had never felt better in his life. He is still cancer free.

Digestive Distress

A research scientist in her 40’s came to me for multiple food sensitivities, severe bloating and digestive cramps. She had all the usual blood work done as well as an endoscopy, colonoscopy and MRI. Upon discussing her medical history I discovered these symptoms manifested after a serious viral infection. We treated her with a strong (natural) antiviral protocol and she can now eat a normal diet, pain free and without

Dermatitis and Problem Skin

Skin conditions are common problem in NZ. I have countless success stories using naturopathy and holistic approachs for eczema and psoriasis. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing diet. At other times the root cause can be revealed with functional medical tests that are unavailable via standard medical care. Either way, natural medicine can help find treatment options that don’t rely on antibiotics and steroid creams.

Mental Health

Mental health is a passion of mine. People suffering from mental distress are often given little choice beyond conventional medication for symptoms of mental illness. Sometimes this is very important, but it is rarely the answer to the problem. Most people do not have a serotonin deficiency or chemical imbalance, but diet and nutrition can play a huge role. Research in the area of mental health and nutritional & lifestyle medicine is inspiring. Using naturopathy to support the medical care of mental health can provide amazing results.