Top five reasons you should visit a naturopath.


Stephen Roigard

Naturopathy, which is a holistic approach to wellness, has long been known as nature’s gift to whole health and harmony.

Most of us strive for optimum health and wellbeing. This usually means accessing the abundance of health services and products available at our fingertips. There is no doubt that traditional prescription medicines will always hold a fundamental place in our health regime. However, more New Zealanders are striving for a more balanced proactive approach to their health. And this is where naturopathy plays a vital role.

So why should you see a naturopath? There are five great reasons!

  1. Naturopathy focuses on disease prevention – Naturopathy focuses on the underlying cause of a condition and applies treatments that work in alliance with the natural healing mechanisms of the body rather than against them. A naturopath not only treats the health challenge but also provides clear strategies to patients on how to empower and improve their life by minimising illnesses from the outset.
  2. Naturopathy may assist with prevalent health conditions facing most people today – Naturopathy services may assist with prevalent health conditions including cardiovascular health, hormonal imbalance, fertility, menopause, digestion, immune system improvement, stress, sleep disorders, allergies and skin conditions, migraines, degenerative illness such as arthritis, chronic diseases, cancer and also preventative health strategies. See our list below of the most common health concerns we see at our clinic.
  3. Naturopathy uses non-invasive and natural treatments – A naturopath uses non-invasive and natural therapies to tap into the body’s self-healing abilities.  Physical symptoms are examined, as well as the influence of lifestyle factors and emotions on the person’s whole health. Nutrition from wholefoods and superfoods can be used to strengthen and nourish the body. There are a range of practioner-only products that are safe to use and are evidence-based.
  4. Naturopathy can work in harmony with traditional western medicines – At Holistic Health & Wellness we work alongside pharmacists and GPs to safely integrate evidence based natural medicine with western medicine – now you’ve hit the jackpot! This whole health approach can put your mind at ease knowing that experts have created treatment plans tailored specifically to your health needs.
  5. Time – If you’ve never been to see an Naturopathic Practitioner before then expect to spend at least 90 minutes at your first appointment. Your Naturopath wants to learn everything about you and this takes time to get to know all of the little details about you and your medical history.  This also means you have lots of time to have all of your medical questions addressed.

“Having worked with thousands of people over the years I’ve come to see that without wholeness, all we can create is superficial change.”

Deepak Chopra

As an example, in order of prevailing cases, the following are the most common health issues we see at our clinic:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders and irritations
  • Auto-immune and degenerative illnesses
  • Cancer
  • Skin conditions and diseases
  • Chronic stress, fatigue and their consequent complications
  • Immune system ailments and corresponding strengthening
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety, depression and mental health
  • Hormonal imbalances, fertility and sexual health
  • Weight loss and sports performance
  • Sleep issues
  • Preventative health measures and strategies